Advantages of Chinese Aluminum Plate Manufacturers

As a substitute for steel, aluminum plate has developed rapidly in recent years, and its demand is rising; Especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the application of aluminum plate has gone deep into all walks of life and become an essential key metal in production and life. As a labor-intensive and capital intensive industry, Chinese aluminum plate manufacturers have natural competitive advantages, and Chinese aluminum alloy manufacturers have indeed seized a rare development opportunity to become the world's largest aluminum producer. What are the main competitive advantages of Chinese aluminum plate manufacturers?

Advantages of Chinese Aluminum Plate Manufacturers

1. Labor cost advantage
At present, technology is no longer the main factor restricting the development of China's aluminum industry. However, as a labor-intensive industry, the cost of labor in Europe and the United States is high, while China has a large number of highly educated industrial workers, and the labor cost is relatively low, so it has the labor foundation for large-scale development of the aluminum industry.

2. Local policy advantages
As a labor-intensive and capital intensive enterprise, the construction and production of aluminum plate manufacturers can not only bring a lot of investment and job opportunities to local governments, but also make a great contribution to local GDP and taxes. Therefore, local governments in China will introduce attractive conditions for attracting investment, such as tax exemption, loans, free land, etc., to provide a lot of convenience for the construction and operation of aluminum plate manufacturers.

3. Advantages of convenient transportation
Whether bauxite is transported in or finished products are transported out, the requirements for traffic conditions are very high. China just has very developed land and railway transportation conditions, and convenient transportation is a great help for aluminum plate manufacturers.

Advantages of Chinese Aluminium Plate Manufacturers

4. Sufficient power resources
Electrolytic aluminum requires a large amount of electric energy, and the cost of electricity can account for more than 30% of the cost of aluminum plate. Western China is rich in coal resources and has sufficient and low-cost power resources, which is very suitable for aluminum plate manufacturers.

5. Huge international market
As the largest country with the largest population and the second largest economy in the world, China's economy has developed rapidly and is a well deserved global economic engine. Naturally, the demand for aluminum plates in various industries is huge and has a very broad market prospect.

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