How to bend aluminium plate or sheet?

How to bend aluminum plate or sheet

What type of aluminum sheet can be bent?

The flexural properties of aluminum sheets mainly depend on the state of the material, which can be divided into three states: fully hard, semi-hard and soft (usually O state).
All hard plates are basically not easy to bend (such as H18, H19, H38 and other aluminum plates are all hard)
The semi-hard aluminum sheet can basically be bent (H24). Of course, there is no problem with o-state bending, but because it is too soft, O-state bending basically does not occur.
In sheet metal processing, the application of pure aluminum is rare. Due to the low hardness of pure aluminum, it is mainly aluminum alloy.
The sheet metal parts are made of aluminum alloy, and the bending parts are made of 3003, 3005, 5052 and other semi-hard sheet metal parts.

For example, the hardness of 6061, 2024, 7075 is too high. Especially in the T6 state, unless it is bent after heating, try not to bend it. Oxidation performance, tolerance, surface effect,crystallization accuracy and uniform stability are the differences between good and poor aluminum plates, and the unidirectional bending effect is not much different.

How to bend aluminium plate or sheet

Precautions for aluminum coil manufacturer to make aluminum coils

  • 1. Bending: Use even force when bending, forming at one time, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the aluminum plate may break.
  • 2. Arc processing of aluminum plate: special bending equipment should be used for processing arc, and force should be applied slowly to make the plate gradually reach the desired surface. Do not bend to shape in one go.
  • 3. Aluminum plate batches: Different batches of aluminum plates of the same model may have color differences. When selling and using different batches of printing plates, a color difference comparison procedure should be added.