Will the all aluminum car body replace the steel body ?

Why use all aluminum car body?

At present, European automobile enterprises have only expanded the application of aluminum materials in high profit models. The reason is very simple. The cost of all aluminum body is too high. At present, the price of aluminum is about 30000 yuan per ton, while the price of steel is only about 7000 yuan per ton. Such a wide price difference makes many enterprises shy away from all aluminum body.

However, under the multiple pressures of environmental pollution and fuel economy, automobile lightweight has gradually become a consensus. Industry experts say that to reduce the environmental pollution caused by vehicles, it is necessary to improve the energy efficiency of vehicles. There are three ways to improve the energy efficiency: improving engine energy efficiency, reducing wind resistance and reducing vehicle weight. Among the three, the engine technology and automobile design have been mature, with little room for improvement and high cost. Therefore, only the light weight of the car body has great potential to be tapped.

According to the experiments of international research institutions, if the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%; The fuel consumption per 100 km can be reduced by 0.3 to 0.6 L for every 100 kg reduction in the curb weight of the vehicle.

aluminum car body replace the steel body

Using aluminum instead of traditional steel to make cars can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle by 30% to 40%; The weight of the engine made of aluminum can be reduced by 30%; The aluminum radiator is 20% to 40% lighter than the same copper product; The aluminum car body is 40% lighter than the original steel products. Therefore, using aluminum instead of steel to make cars has a significant weight reduction effect.

The all aluminum body is nothing new, but its development has been relatively slow.
The all aluminum body frame structure creatively integrates steel and aluminum, which can ensure more dynamic driving ability and greatly enhance the acceleration ability while improving the stability. This layout achieves excellent body stiffness and good collision safety, and significantly reduces the weight of the body. The rigidity is increased by 60%, the solder joint is reduced by 40%, and the weight is lighter. Excellent flexibility, safety and stability.

The space frame structure (ASF) of Audi A8L currently on sale includes 22% extruded aluminum alloy parts, 35% high-precision vacuum cast aluminum parts, 35% hydroformed aluminum alloy plates, 8% reinforced steel, 44m seamless laser welding and 1847 punch riveting. The weight of the BIW is only 241 kg, which has 40% light weight advantages over the traditional steel structure. However, its structural rigidity and torsional strength are 25% higher than the previous generation products.

The Audi A6 is also good. It has begun to adopt some technologies of Audi's all aluminum body. The aluminum parts cover more than 20% of the body, including the front suspension, engine compartment rod, front bumper, engine compartment, trunk and door panel.

aluminium car body replace the steel body

Aluminum body replacing steel will become the development trend of automobile industry. Wanda aluminum has the strength to produce aluminum body, and has reached strategic cooperation relations with many automobile industry enterprises.