The advantages of "aluminum plate replacing copper plate" are highlighted

Highlighting the advantages of "aluminum plate replacing copper plate" has triggered a wave of aluminum use

Mr. Wang, the general manager of Henan Wanda Aluminum, China, has his own opinion. He believes that "the rise of 'aluminum replacing copper' lies in cost. At present, aluminum price is only about 1/5 of copper price. The direct benefit of 'aluminum replacing copper' to enterprises is the decrease of cost."

aluminum plate replacing copper plate

He believed that the "aluminum plate replacing copper plate" has been placed on a more long-term significance: "Since China is a country with less copper and more aluminum, the copper used in household appliances consumption largely depends on imports, and the global copper resources can only be used for 40 years. From the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection," aluminum replacing copper " It has broad development space. Therefore, the research and development of aluminum substitute materials has become one of the key industries in the future. Due to the continuous progress of aluminum processing technology, the various properties of aluminum fully meet the requirements of white goods standards, and the aluminum consumption continues to grow. "The 5-series aluminum plates produced by Wanda Aluminum are widely used in the field of household appliances

aluminium plate replacing copper plate

In addition to meeting the performance requirements of electronic products, special attention should be paid to the surface treatment of aluminum alloy processing. There are many surface treatment methods for aluminum alloy, such as oxidation, coloring, electrophoresis, sand blasting, wire drawing, dyeing, spraying, electroplating, etc., which can achieve colorful, beautiful and practical, * to meet the needs of users and the times to a large extent.