How to calculate the weight of aluminum coil ?

The so-called aluminum coil is made of aluminum plate. The size of aluminum plate is diverse, and the width, thickness and density are different, which brings great confusion to buyers. For international trade staff, it is necessary to master the calculation of the weight of aluminum coil.

weight of aluminium coil

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy products, Wanda aluminum has rich experience in aluminum production and export. Now let's analyze the calculation method of aluminum coil weight for you:

We need to understand three basic parameters first

Density of aluminum: 2.702 g / cm³

Density of aluminum plate:
Density of pure aluminum plate: 2.71 g / cm³
Density of aluminum alloy plate: 2.68 g / cm³

Calculation formula of aluminum plate mass:

The Quality of the aluminum plate = Aluminum plate thickness × Width × Length × Density. 

Calculation formula of aluminum coil weight:

The Weight of aluminum coil = Thickness × Width × Length × Density / 1000000 (in mm)

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