The development of large aluminum products in the world has far-reaching significance

With the lightweight of modern transportation tools represented by high-speed trains, urban subways and light rail trains and the rapid development of aerospace, ship weapons and machinery manufacturing industry, the demand for large aluminum alloy profiles is growing rapidly. The large-scale and integration of profiles can bring huge economic and social benefits, such as improving extrusion production efficiency, reducing the manufacturing cost of machines or equipment, greatly reducing its weight, improving its service performance and so on. Therefore, the development of large-scale aluminum alloy profile extrusion technology is of great significance for developing the world's modern national defense and transportation and improving the level of industrial equipment.

The development of large aluminum products in the world has far-reaching significance

On the other hand, large-scale aluminum alloy profiles, especially large-scale aluminum alloy profiles used in modern transportation tools, have the characteristics of thin-wall flat width, high-precision size and complex section shape, which brings a series of difficulties to extrusion production, such as the need to be equipped with heavy extruders and large-scale special auxiliary equipment; Various large flat extrusion cylinders and dies with special structure and high cost need to be used; It is more difficult to control the metal flow and the uniformity of product microstructure and properties. To solve these difficulties, in addition to the factors of equipment, it is particularly important to formulate the extrusion process reasonably and design the tools and dies correctly.

large aluminum products in the world has far-reaching significance

Operation of aluminum industry
Driven by a series of policies, circular economy has gradually developed into an important economic form in China. China's aluminum alloy output continues to rise, reaching 7.25 million tons in 2019. According to the latest data of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, China's aluminum alloy output in 2020 was 7.4 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 2.1%. It is estimated that China's aluminum alloy output will reach 7.65 million tons in 2021.

Aluminum alloy accounts for nearly 20% of primary aluminum
Aluminum alloy has become an important part of China's aluminum industry. In recent years, China's recycled aluminum output accounts for about 20% of primary aluminum. In 2019, the output of recycled aluminum is 7.25 million tons, the output of primary aluminum is 35.044 million tons, and the output of aluminum alloy accounts for 20.7%. It is expected to reach 19.9% in 2021. Primary aluminum is a product of "high pollution, high energy consumption and resource". Due to the strong substitution between aluminum alloy and primary aluminum products, the proportion of aluminum alloy in aluminum output will increase with the strengthening of environmental protection and the implementation of the policy of vigorously developing circular economy in China.

The recycled aluminum industry in overseas developed countries is relatively mature and has built a complete closed-loop industrial chain. In 2019, Japan's recycled aluminum output accounted for nearly 100%, the United States for nearly 80%, and Europe for nearly 60%, ranking at a high level in the world.

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