• Mirror Aluminum Sheet
  • Mirror Aluminum Sheet

Mirror Aluminum Sheet

1050, 1060,1070, 1085 aluminium bright mirror sheet coil. Bright Polished Mirror Sheet Coil. Anodized / Painted coated aluminum mirror sheet coil.


Mirror aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum plate with mirror effect on the surface of the plate through rolling, polishing and other methods. Generally, mirror aluminum sheets abroad are rolled to produce coils and plates.

mirror aluminium sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet is mainly composed of 80% - 95% alumina, 3% – 5% silicon and 0.05 – 1% copper. The density of the alloy is between 7 and 8 g/cm3. Depending on the application requirements, the thickness of the sheet can reach up to 12mm. In addition, it can also be produced with different kinds of alloys such as magnesium and zinc to meet different needs in terms of strength and corrosion resistance.

Alloy Materiral Temper Thickness Reflectivity
1050, 1060, 1070, 1085, 3003, 5182, 5052 O, H12, H14, H18, H19 0.15-3.5mm 70% - 95%


Use of Mirror Aluminum Sheet
  • 1. Decoration and building, such as windows, doors and other transparent parts;
  • 2. Automobiles, houses, boats and aircrafts;
  • 3. Health products like cosmetics bags, toiletries cases and so on;
  • 4. Package and protection of products;
  • 5. Instrumental parts in machinery;
  • 6. Artistic craft works, etc;
  • 7. Aircrafts, construction machinery, home appliances, household utens sils, lighting products and medical equipment;
  • 8. Packing field;


Mirror Aluminum Sheet Features:
  • 1. Surface treatment: pure material that is appropriate for high-stability anodic oxidation surface treatments including chemical polishing, atomization, fog, two-color two anode, sandblasting, chemical sand, dyeing, sealing, and others.
  • 2. The use of their own mirror aluminum substance, which eliminates polishing and speeds up the manufacturing process. This material is mirror processing mechanical polishing surface production, without coating, sandblasting, anode processing, without annealing anode or plating layer, and is capable of being directly sandblasted, processed with an anode, and has sand particle sizes up to 320 or more rough.
  • 3. Hardness: uniform hardness makes it excellent for intricate stamping, bending, and stretching, and it makes integers difficult to break.

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