Can I use aluminium plate in microwave ?

Microwave oven is an intelligent cooking stove that uses microwave to heat food. Microwave is a kind of radio wave. The kinetic energy of such radio waves is not only much greater than that of ordinary electromagnetic waves, but also very "personalized". Microwave will reflect when it meets metal materials, and metal materials can't digest, absorb or transmit it at all; Microwave can pass through insulating materials such as laminated glass, porcelain and plastic, but it is not easy to consume kinetic energy; For food with water, the microwave can not pass through, but its kinetic energy will be digested and absorbed.
Microwave refers to electromagnetic wave with optical wavelength of 0.01 ~ 1m, and its matching frequency is 30000mhz to 300MHz. In order not to affect radar detection and other communication systems, the output power of microwave ovens mostly adopts 915MHz or 2450MHz.

Can I use aluminium plate in microwave

1. Production materials of microwave oven
During the heating process of the microwave oven, if the water molecules of the food vibrate and heat up, the inner wall of the microwave oven is made of stainless steel, which is toxin free and easy to clean. The key is to shield the electromagnetic wave and effectively avoid harm to the human body. The appearance is generally made of plastic sprayed steel plate, and the color and style can be selected according to personal preferences.

Why can't aluminum plates be used?
The cost of aluminum plate is slightly higher. It seems that no manufacturer has used aluminum plate as the production material of microwave oven. Moreover, aluminum is a heavy metal, which may be harmful to your health if it is heated for a long time.

Can I use aluminum plate in microwave

2. During the use of microwave oven
Aluminum plate is a thick plate, usually more than 4mm, so it cannot be put into the microwave oven

Many families are not satisfied with the traditional frying and frying. They have purchased ovens to make roasted fish, roasted chicken wings, cakes and so on. When using the oven, the most inseparable thing is "tin foil", which can be spread on the baking tray to avoid the overflow of gravy and reduce the cleaning burden; It can also wrap the food, so that the food is doubly heated, and the heat is evenly distributed to the surface.

In fact, most of the so-called "tin foil" we now use are made of aluminum foil. The original tin paper was actually made of tin. However, the melting point of tin is only 231.89 ℃, and now most ovens can reach more than 250 ℃. The melting point of aluminum foil is above 660 ℃, so it can be used for barbecue or baking, and the cost of aluminum is lower, so it completely replaces the position of tin foil.

Can I use aluminium plates in microwave

Aluminum foil cannot be heated in the microwave oven. Although it is as soft as paper, it is essentially metal. Microwaves cannot penetrate metals, and food will not be heated;
In addition, the metal will reflect the microwave, damage the microwave tube, produce electric sparks, and even cause fire and explosion. The oven is heated by the heat radiation of the heating tube, which belongs to the traditional heating method and is suitable for using aluminum foil paper.
Aluminum foil paper can also be used in microwave oven with barbecue function, but it must be in barbecue mode Aluminum foil must not be heated by microwave