Air conditioning requires "Aluminium"

The substitution of aluminum for copper is the hot spot of material substitution in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. With the maturity of technology, and the availability of aluminum alloy pipes and fittings, the cost of air-conditioning and refrigeration pipes can be saved by more than 30%.

Air conditioning requires Aluminum

The competitive advantages such as further improvement of performance indicators such as corrosion resistance, ductility and heat exchange efficiency make the application prospect of aluminum replacing copper in air conditioning increasingly clear. Moreover, the current macro-economic downturn, slow export growth and insufficient domestic demand, as well as the state's encouragement of energy saving and consumption reduction, have further stimulated the demand for air-conditioning alloy aluminum pipe products.

Air conditioning requires Aluminium

Experts in the large market of air conditioning and refrigeration predict that the scale of the domestic heat exchanger industry will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2021, which undoubtedly provides a broader development space for the heat exchanger industry. In the future, the international market demand puts forward higher requirements for product quality. The environmental protection and energy-saving aluminum plate fin heat exchanger will also replace the traditional heat exchanger as the focus of future development. In the future, aluminum will be widely used in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration.