How to cut aluminium plate ?

Aluminum profile cutting generally needs professional cutting machines to complete, otherwise it will cause the trouble of rough section and inaccurate size.

When cutting, first of all, ensure the quality and sharpness of the cutting tool, and always replace it, otherwise the cutting is continuous or the cut section is uneven. When cutting, you can't cut directly without drying. You should apply lubricating oil on the cutting tool or profile, so that the section of the cut aluminum profile will be smooth. There are also some cutting at special angles, which should be cut by CNC machine tools. After all, the machine cut out is more accurate than the manual measurement.

Many people don't know how to cut aluminum plates in aluminum plate processing

1. For thin aluminum plates less than 0.1mm, use the art knife or paper cutter, and it is convenient to operate.

2. For the aluminum plate between 0.1mm-2mm, it is recommended to use a toothless saw. The cut aluminum plate is neat and flat, and it is not easy to produce scratches.

3. For aluminum plates above 2mm, large electric or hydraulic plate shears should be used.